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mercedes benz : The young lady who assisted in the naming of Blundell's and every otherMercedes vehicle was the daughter of racer Emil Jellinek. TheAustro-Hungarian General Counsel and a member of French high society,Jellinek entered a 27-horsepower Daimler "Phoenix" car in the "Tour deNice" race, March 21, 1899. As was customary at the time, Jellinek racedthe car under a pseudonym, naming it after his daughter Mercedes, which isthe Spanish word for "Grace." The car, ahead of its time with a honeycomb radiator,front-engine/rear-drive layout, gearbox and angled steering column, wonthe race easily, sparking huge interest among consumers. When Jellinek, animportant dealer as well as the race champion, suggested calling allfuture Daimler cars "Mercedes," the company agreed. The first official Mercedes appeared in Jellinek's showroom in January1901 -- a 5.3-liter front-engine/rear-drive model with a 35-horsepowerfour-cylinder engine. The name "Mercedes" was registered with the patentoffice June 23, 1902, and it became a registered trademark for Daimler onSept. 26 of that year. The famous three-pointed star, displayed prominently on the noses andengine covers of the eight Mercedes-powered FedEx Championship Seriesentries (and which adorns all Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles),originated with a piece of personal correspondence from one of the twofounding fathers of Mercedes-Benz.

mercedes benz : Gottlieb Daimler was 38 years old, working at the Deutz gas engine factoryand living away from home, when he wrote a postcard to his wife in 1873.On the card, he drew a star to mark where he was living and wrote, "Oneday, this lucky star will shine down on my life's work!" Although Daimler died March 3, 1900, at the age of 65, his companycontinued to thrive and grow. Years later, when the company was searchingfor an eye-catching trademark to go with the name "Mercedes," Daimler'ssons remembered the little doodle on the postcard and other stars theirfather had sketched. On June 24, 1909, two stars -- one with three points and one with four,but neither with a ring or lettering -- were registered as trademarks forthe Daimler company, and a patent certificate was issued Feb. 9, 1911. Some six years later, the circle was included as a background for the starand, on Aug. 2, 1923, the first three-pointed star radiator emblem wasaffixed to a Mercedes. The star has been the symbol for the Mercedes-Benzbrand ever since. Although the names Daimler and Benz, and Mercedes-Benz seem permanentlylinked, such was not always the case. Daimler-Benz AG, manufacturer ofMercedes-Benz cars, is the product of a merger in 1926 ofDaimler-Motoren-Gesellshaft, founded by Gottleib Daimler, and Benz & Co.,founded by Karl Benz.

mercedes benz : MONTVALE, N.J. (July 20, 2000) -- The abilities of the driver will alwaysbe key to winning races, but in the high-tech environment of the CARTFedEx Championship Series, the role of voice and data communication hasbecome increasingly important to maximize the performance and safety ofracing a Champ Car at speeds approaching 240 mph.Mercedes-Benz and Motorola are two companies that can trace theirrespective origins to historic firsts, and today are partners in racingand street-car technology. Daimler (now DaimlerChrysler andMercedes-Benz) captured the victory in the world's first auto race in1894, while Motorola enabled the world to hear the famous communicationfrom astronaut Neil Armstrong, "The Eagle has landed," during the 1969lunar mission. The partnership of these two technology pioneers hasbrought new levels of innovation and performance to voice and datacommunications in both racing and street cars.In a race car, the radio is the primary link between the driver and hiscrew."We make a lot of decisions on the radio, but most importantly, we discussstrategy regarding fuel consumption," said Mark Blundell, whoseMercedes-Benz powered Champ Car is also sponsored by Motorola. "My crewcan tell me how much fuel we're using. That's critical, because we canadjust our fuel mixture from the cockpit of the race car. If we know weneed to conserve fuel, we can lean the mixture and run a conservativepace. But if we are getting good fuel mileage we can richen the fuelmixture, which turns up the horsepower. Either strategy can mean thedifference between winning and losing."

mercedes benz : Blundell's Champ Car has as many as eight Motorola radios in operation atany one time, sending performance and safety information. This includesthe single-channel, two-way radio that Blundell uses to talk with his crewin the pit lane, just as similar equipment allows NFL quarterbacks to talkover plays with coaches. In the Mercedes-powered Champ Car, apush-to-talk control button is integrated into the Mercedes-Benz steeringwheel and the headset is integrated into Blundell's helmet.Team spotters placed around the racing circuit use the radio to alertBlundell about on-track incidents and how to avoid them. "The radioenhances my safety, the safety of the driver in a disabled race car andthe emergency crews who might be assisting him," says Blundell. Otherradios located on the car's chassis transmit data about tires and vitalengine performance, allowing Blundell's engineers to make race-strategydecisions on the fly.Like a race car pilot, drivers of Mercedes' production automobiles alsohave access to a "pit crew" through the Tele Aid system, in addition toMotorola's optional integrated cellular phone. Tele Aid is a uniquecommunications system that uses global positioning and can * at the pushof a button * immediately summon a Tele Aid specialist on its owndedicated cell line. That specialist can then summon emergency personnelto the car's location using GPS tracking to transmit the vehicle's exactlocation. As a significant safety benefit, the deployment of any airbagin the vehicle automatically contacts a Tele Aid specialist. Motorola'sTelematics Communication Unit (TCUTM) which incorporates Motorola's GPSreceiver and voice and data wireless communication provides the foundationfor the Tele Aid system. Drivers can also access Mercedes-Benz USA'sClient Assistance Center for vehicle operation information or for roadsideassistance via Tele Aid.

mercedes benz : For the 2001 model year, Mercedes-Benz automobiles, such as the E55 AMGhigh-performance sedan that serves as CART's official Safety Car, includethe new Motorola TimeportTM digital telephone. This fully integratedphone contains unique features such as phonebook memory and optional voicerecognition software. Steering wheel controls and the integratedmicrophone allow hands-free calling * similar to Blundell's racing-carradio * ensuring that the driver is not distracted from the road ahead.The Mercedes/Motorola partnership involves more than just audiocommunications. Motorola's "DigitalDNATM" technology is part of thesystem that drives the electronic communication inside the engine controlunit (ECU). The ECU is truly the "brains" of the engine, combining inputfrom the driver - such as engine speed, gear selected and throttleposition - with feedback from the car's sensors to communicate withdifferent vehicle systems. This regulation function is similar whether thevehicle is a Mercedes-Benz-powered Champ Car on the race track or anS-Class sedan on the freeway, and the result for both is improved powerand performance.In a Champ Car, the goal is to maximize engine performance by improvingthrottle response, ignition timing and fuel delivery. In a productionautomobile, performance and fuel economy are primary concerns. Forexample, in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a Motorola chip in the car's ECUhelps process thousands of signals gleaned from sensors located throughoutthe vehicle. The smart technology then directs specific responses from anetwork of linked controllers, from activating the traction control systemto increasing the volume of the radio as the vehicle accelerates. The ECUalso monitors the driver's style and adjusts the engine and transmissionsoftware programs over time to mesh with the driver's habits.

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